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Session One: Chair Dr Jane Waite

Orienting learners and teachers in introductory programming classes: the ABC Framework
Author: Quintin Cutts

Tool-Driven Scaffolding of Student-Generated Analogies in CS1
Authors: Colton Harper, Jake Rance, Paul Owens and Stephen Cooper

A synthesized teaching model that promotes both procedural and conceptual knowledge dimensions in CS1
Author: Georgiana Haldeman

Session Two: Chair Chinomnso Ekwedike

Automated Marking in Undergraduate Programming Classes
Authors: Martin Goodfellow, Andrew Abel, Konstantinos Liaskos and John Levine

Automated Assessment for Databases Units
Authors: Anthony Kleerekoper and Andrew Schofield

Institute of Coding in Wales Digital Skills Bootcamps; Micro-Credentials: A Pilot Project
Authors: Casey Hopkins and Faron Moller

Session 3: Chair Izzy Friedlander

Beyond Apps: Tablet and Micro:bit Devices as Tools for Creative Computing in Primary Schools
Author: Carrie Anne Philbin

Embedding culturally relevant pedagogy in practice: Considerations for training and resource development
Authors: Ben Hall, Sway Grantham and Robert Whyte

PRIMM and Proper: Authentic Investigation in HE Introductory Programming with PeerWise and GitHub
Authors: Steven Bradley and Anousheh Ramezani

Session 4: Chair Anousheh Ramezani

Incorporating GenAI into Software Development Education
Authors: Olga Petrovska, Lee Clift, Faron Moller and Rebecca Pearsall

Video Versus Source Code Lab Solutions
Authors: Aidan McGowan, Neil Anderson, Paul Sage, Leo Galway, Janak Adhikari and Giuseppe Trombino